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Privacy Policy

Turkey Real Estate Investment Consulting visiting our website and thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. During your visit, only the visit time and the pages you visit are kept. The basis of our Privacy Policy is simple and understandable. In order to benefit from various services during your visit to our website, personal information is not requested and collected in any way except for your own information and information that you provide outside of your request during your membership, announcement and communication processes. More detailed information about our Privacy Policy is provided below:

General Information


Links to other addresses


Changes to the Privacy Policy

Turkey Real Estate Investment content of the information generated during your visit to our website Consulting and registration process:

The time that you visit, the date and the pages you visited etc. The information is automatically recorded by our system by our system for use in re-shaping and configuration processes in line with your needs and interests. This information is communicated to us by your internet browser. These informations can not be used in identity finding.

A complete list of automatically collected and recorded information during your visit:

Your IP address (the number assigned to your computer temporarily by your service provider during your internet connection)

The type of Internet browser and operating system you are using

Your visit time and date

Pages you visited and the forms and documents you downloaded

If you performed your visit from a link on another web address, the web address that provided the link.

The number of visitors detected and the visiting rates of the pages, the frequency of visiting the visitor and the preferred browser etc. The information about the software is collected in order to be used in the process of re-shaping and structuring in order to serve you better. The information collected automatically does not contain any personal information.


Cookies are short text files that are saved on your computer during your visits to various web addresses. Different types of cookies are available; some of the cookies you use at the web address you visit or your navigation time, etc. sends information on issues. As an example, a shopping site that you visit during the visit will record the cookie that contains information about the products you have viewed or received, and will be reminded to you again by recognizing the products you are interested in. . In addition to these and similar applications, a number of cookies are designed to increase your security in the transactions you make on the Internet and to save you from the repeat process. Many internet users are unaware of cookies. If you want to get rid of cookies in the internet browser that you are using by making the necessary adjustments, you can delete cookies that are installed in the future as well as cookies to be installed in the future or you can make your browser warn you during their installation.

Our website does not use cookies other than those used to support security and accuracy principles.

Links to Other Addresses

Turkey Real Estate Investment Consulting website other web addresses that you’ll get out of useful content located on our web address with our approval. It is located at the web address problems that may occur due to inappropriate content without the knowledge of the owners of the domain name in the address content Turkey Real Estate Investment Consulting has no responsibility.


The necessary measures for the security of the content and the information provided have been taken carefully and carefully. Technological developments in the field of security are followed and necessary arrangements are made.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Turkey Real Estate Investment Consulting deems necessary to make necessary changes if the Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy is not a contract.

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